Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Deconstrucing Holy Matrimony

Eve of Christmas Eve brought with it a some good news- that my research proposal had been selected for the Sarai-CSDS Student Stipendship (www.sarai.net). Yippeeeee! Seeing that I was uncertain about applying, confused about the area of research and sent in my proposal a full 2 days late, it was a pleasant surprise to receive the affirmation mail.

My brother and I, and most probably a friend too, shall be working together on the topic: 'Deconstrucing Holy Matrimony: The Politics of the Matrimonial Classified in Delhi's leading newspapers'. Phew! That was long...

We will be scanning the matrimonial sections of several newspapers, starting from the Sixties, and mapping changes along the way. Our primary aim will be to map differences in content/form of the matrimonial ad pre- and post-liberalization. We will also take into account socio-political and technological factors. And along the way, we hope to resolve the age-old (mostly) Indian mystery of parents advertising for mates for their kids!!!

Any comments/suggestions/advice on methodology, approach or merely interesting anecdotes are most welcome. And ofcourse, I shall publish our findings later next year on this blog. So keep watching!


puzli said...

hey lets discuss more about building that "classification" software for the research material bfore both of us forget.

Naveen Mandava said...

I had wanted to do this piece of research some time back but didn't understand how exactly it will be useful! Good to see, you do it, and that too from CCS! You should check for research papers that were done to check for ideology biases in newspapers reports or media. That will give you an idea of the methodology involved.

Next is categorisation, that will be be thoda fight! But anyways, good choice of topic.

A good thing will be to tie in economic trends and professions demanded in matrimonial ads...for example ads for govt guys in Kerala show huge demand for them, bcoz there are no high-income business people or just need for income security.