Wednesday, January 04, 2006

U.S. vs. Iran

Vikram Sood writes a wonderful editorial in today's Hindustan Times ('Wild, wild West') in which he analyses U.S.'s position viz-a-viz Iran. His analysis reaffirms what 'the rest of the world' (i.e. the not-U.S., not FriendOfAmerica, not FriendOfBush/FoeOfIran/ fears-- that an American-led strike on Iran with possible use of nuclear weapons is imminent, if not immediate.

"And now, after a bruising experience in Iraq, the US administration cannot just retreat to the relative safety of the White House and glower at the rest of the world. It has to assert itself as the arbiter of the destiny of the world and show what the American Century is about — unchallenged US primacy."
Read the rest of this article here.

Wonder what might stop the U.S. and its allies from launching such an operation? Perhaps, if someone, or something, renders oil as an energy source irrelevant.


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