Monday, February 20, 2006

Do not fear death so much, rather the inadequate life

How do you feel when you hear that someone whom you've known since toddlerhood, who was once upon a long time ago your best friend, who studied the hardest at school because for her it was a way of silent rebellion, has 'agreed' to get married- to a man she has met only a few times? This, at age 22, when the world is at your feet begging for you to explore it, play with it, taste it, conquer it?

I could only respond with a silent 'congratulations'.


While the above occurred on Sunday, on Monday I learnt about the death of a forty-year old 'friend'. We were friends who never knew each other's names, whose only interaction was a 'hi' and a smile as we passed by in hallways or met in the library. Everyone at Alliance Francaise de Delhi knew him. Everyone. He was that kind of a guy. The one everyone loved. The kind who loved everyone. A theatre activist. I will miss you, Umesh. May you rest in peace.

Strength to you, Anna.


Geetika said...

Do you remember Sapna? Our senior batch...culsec?She got married at 21,initially I felt the way you do...but it was something that she had always wanted, so I couldn't help being happy for her:)

Girija D. said...

hey! yes, i do remember sapna.
Well, if she is happy, then we cannot but be happy for her. But I still have strong views about marrying this early, esp w.r.t this friend. I'm hoping she is as happy a few years down the line.

Anonymous said...

am so sorry abt the passing away of your classmate!
in india, if a girl isnt pursuing her masters and her family is rich enough, they marry her off! :( sucks bigtime... especially when it happens with a high school sweetheart!
sad, but thats the way sociey is!

The Guy Next Door said...

Beautiful Title

Girija D. said...

Can't take credit here...that's by Bertolt Brecht! :)