Thursday, March 16, 2006

All I need is just a little love

I've been tagged by the Walrus to list 8 things that I want in my mate. This would be easy, I had thought. It actually required 3 days, much thinking and loads of procrastination before I could come up with this list. Wish there were something like a computer-generated match!
That said, here are 8 things that I want in my mate:

1. Must have beautiful, artistic hands. Masculine, but beautiful.

2. Must respect women. Not because he has to or has been taught to, but because he feels it in his heart.

3. Must be spontaneous with plans, hugs and compliments. A spur of the moment trip to the ice-cream parlor is always more enjoyable than a planned-to-death one.

4. Should understand and respect my need for independence. Which includes endless days on which I keep to myself and long travels alone.

5. Must, must love animals and nature. Be willing to live on a farm.

6. Must not have any rigid centres of belief. Should be open to and accepting of various frames of reference.

7. Should have own set of hobbies and interests that I am not a part of. That said, must also share some of my hobbies and interests. Among them, adventure sports, travel and theatre.

8. Must have a witty sense of humour. Not self-derogatory, not sarcastic, just plain witty.

9. Must be an optimist.

10. And borrowing Walrus's own words, he must be magickal. With the k.

That's not 8 things, but it's the best I could do!


geetika said...

Gee, Girija, I love you ever more! You are, officially the first one to acknowledge me being had been a pompous self-proclamation until now:)
And a nice list you got there...there is something about magick, isn't there?:)

Girija D. said...

There is nothing without magick! :)
And you are the real Walrus.The world shall acknowledge you henceworth as that.

geetika said...

My eyes leak! *sniff*

Girija D. said...

de rien! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry i dont qualify..... mere bharose mat rehna... :D

Girija D. said...

without a name, you don't stand even a chance, anon! ;)

Anonymous said...

without a name, you don't stand even a chance, anon! ;)on! ;)

Divya said...

Ooh amazing!! Now the problem lies in actually finding such a perfect sounding guy... Exists in the amazing parallel universe that is dreamland!

Anonymous said...

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D said...

Awwwww!!! And it all came true. Right down to the living on a farm thing, until recently. I love the list.