Monday, March 06, 2006

A dream and a million mutinies, now

All I want right now is an Enfield to fly away on...and someone to come back to, always.

To be happy, even when alone.

To dream, and not have to compromise dreams with reality.

To live in Goa.

To be accepted without being judged.

To get drunk and party, in that order, every evening.

To start a little book- and- chocolate shop.

To trek through mountains and forests alone.

To camp in a forest with a book, a dog and a horse for company.

To be carefree and wild.

To explore the city at nighttime.

To be safe from words and touches. And glances.

To have a little patch of uncultivated, free-growing land, where my dogs and I can seek refuge and an afternoon nap whenever we want.

To drive alone to Spiti Valley, Rohtang Pass, Ladakh, Leh, through Europe...

To have a family of close, loving, wild and funny friends.

To live alone.

But above all, all I want right now is an Enfield to fly away on.

And the strength to believe I will do and be all this, one day, soon.

Am I asking for too much?


geetika said...

I totally agree. The vroom of an Enfield's engine is the sweetest sound. The so-called smooth bikes don't even come close:)

d said...

not at all.

burf said...

not much :p

Anonymous said...

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