Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Please don't take down the posters in my room

"No well-behaved woman has ever made history".

So, some DU academics think this, among other scribbles, is obscene and disparages women.

Of course it's obscene- the student who wrote it got the quote wrong! That aside, I thought that this highly-respected professor and Mormon feminist had something else in mind when she said such 'ganda' things. tch tch. Maybe I've got my feminism wrong.

Oh, and freedom of expression? Huh what?

* to open the first link, you'll have to register with the site...that should not take more than a couple of minutes. If you still have problems, look up the April 4 Hindustan Times, Delhi Edition, Page 5.


Anonymous said...

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cactus said...

Hiy Young lady ..howz life..u rn't that regular in updating u'r blog...do try 2 update..BTW u r right ..what's the big deal about that comment..leave history.even in the corporate world ,one hardly finds any women in the boardroom..
check out this article in rediff.

geetika said...

Ok, that got all mine ideas jumbled up!

Girija D. said...

the ppl or the post??!!

geetika said...

Both. The post, more:)

Girija D. said...

Cactus: m really busy till end-may, so you will find me pretty irregular till then.

Geetika: I know!*sigh* Too much on mind viz-a-viz exams can cause such jumbled up consequences!

Cactus said...

U have u'r exams going on!! didn't know that..poor U...Exams r such a pain..thank god!! i am finshed with them for ever...:)..
BTW.. best of luck..do well!!..
~Every mark counts...

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