Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Women can win Men and Men the respect of other Men

Advertisement in the Hindustan Times
Friday, April 28, 1944

“How Women can win Men and Men the respect of other Men”

“Until two pints of bile juice flow daily from your liver into your bowels, your food decays in your bowels. This poisons your whole body. You get yellow tongue, yellow skin, pimples, dull eyes, bad breath, bad taste, gas, dizziness, headache. You have become an ugly-looking, foul-smelling, sour-thinking person. Everybody wants to run from you.

Laxatives can’t help, for they only moveout (sic) the tail end of your bowels and that doesn’t take away the decayed poison.

Only a free flow of your bile juice will stop this decay poison in your bowels. The one mild vegetable medicine which starts off your bile juice is ‘Carter’s Little Liver- Pills’.

No calomel in Carter’s… Only fine, mild vegetable extracts. If you would bring back your personal charm, start taking ‘Carter’s Little Liver-Pills’ according to directions today.”

Expert advice, isn't it? Please do try and testify to its amazing powers!